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24 April 2007


Taiwan ranks top in global blue LED chip capacity

According to Taiwan's Photonics Industry Technology & Development Association (PIDA), Taiwan leads the way in terms of blue LED chip capacity, and is in second place when it comes to LED chip packaging, says DigiTimes reporting on this year’s Blue 2007 conference.

At 3.79m units, global blue LED chip capacity increased by 8.6% in 2006, with Taiwan the largest producer, followed by Japan, South Korea, China, the US, and Europe, says the report.

Furthermore, Taiwan ranks second in terms of its LED chip packaging capacity, which increased in value from $1.16bn in 2005 to $1.31bn last year. Japan leads with $2.99bn in 2005 and $3.34bn in 2006.

PIDA forecasts that Taiwan will remain the second largest region in terms of LED chip packaging value, but adds that Europe, South Korea, the US, and China are all close behind. The report concludes that compared to forecast growth of 15-30% in LED chip packaging value in 2009 in some regions, it is anticipated that Taiwan will only see an increase of around 9%.