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20 April 2007


Seoul Semiconductor unveils 42lm/W warm-white Acriche

Seoul Semiconductor Co Ltd (SSC), Korea’s leading LED producer, says that its Acriche AC-LED can now achieve warm white light of near-daylight quality with a luminous efficacy of 42lm/W (20% more efficient than a conventional warm-white DC-powered LED with an efficacy of about 35lm/W). This makes Acriche (which SSC claims is the first semiconducting lighting source that can be driven directly from AC power outlets, without the need for a converter or ballast) suitable for general and indoor lighting applications.

Actual system efficiency (which takes into account luminous efficacy, ballast efficiency and luminaire efficiency) is 39.9lm/W, which is higher than the 7.5lm/W for incandescent lamps and 30.6lm/W for compact fluorescents.

SSC has also released a warm-white Acriche LED with an efficacy of 33lm/W that has a color rendering index (CRI) rating of 90. The CRI measures the ability of a light source to produce vibrant colors in objects: a CRI of 100 suggests that the light source is equivalent to daylight; a low CRI rating near 0 suggests that colors will appear unnatural under that particular light source.

The ability to produce a warm-white semiconductor lighting source that can also offer a high-quality CRI rating has been elusive for many years, says SSC. The warm-white Acriche’s high CRI ratings suit environments that demand vibrant and accurate lighting, such as museums, luxury hotels, art galleries, show rooms and displays, the firm adds.