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12 December 2007


3S enters terrestrial pump laser module market

3S Photonics of Marcoussis, Essonne near Paris (formerly Alcatel Optronics then Avanex France) has launched a complete product line of 980nm terrestrial pump laser modules.

3S is an established supplier of submarine pump laser modules, but is now aiming to break into the terrestrial pump module market as well. In-house chip technology that is fully qualified for submarine applications ensures performance levels and reliability in the new range, the firm says. Also, new packaging technology based on a direct coupling approach has been implemented to adjust optimally to terrestrial market requirements.

Chairman and CEO Alexandre Krivine says that the firm is targeting every telecom market segment, from low power to high power. The product line correspondingly consists of three different and complementary models, adapted to specific market demands: the 1999 PLU (in an uncooled mini-DIL package: low power, outputting up to 275mW), the 1999 PLM (in a low-profile cooled butterfly package: medium and high power, outputting up to 365mW) and the 1999 CHP (in a low-profile cooled butterfly package: ultra-high power, outputting up to 660mW).

Low-power modules are typically intended for the metropolitan market (urban networks with a reach of 200-300km), whereas the ultra-high-power module is mainly dedicated to the long-haul market (inter-urban connections).

The new modules are targeted mainly at Asian erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) manufacturers (for integration into their own products and re-sale of the sub-system to optical network vendors worldwide). 3S aims to capture 15% of the terrestrial pump laser module market by the end of 2008 (representing about 20,000 units, generating $7m).

3S says that it has therefore also increased its mass-production capacity by contracting new partnerships with Asian manufacturers, as well as designating an assembly line fully dedicated to terrestrial pump laser modules.

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