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19 December 2007


Firecomms launches Gigabit transceiver for low-cost POF links

Firecomms of Cork, Ireland has launched the EDL1000G-510, a fully integrated Gigabit transceiver that will enable low-cost, gigabit links over plastic optical fiber (POF).  Based on the firm’s proprietary vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) technology, the low-power transceiver is capable of delivering data over POF at rates up to 1.25Gbps, and is pin compatible with 1x9 optical transceivers for glass fiber.

Fitted with OptoLock, a plugless interconnect that allows for quick connection of bare POF, the new transceiver consists of a red VCSEL and a receiver designed specifically for POF applications. Because it emits visible light, the transceiver enhances safety and simplifies setup and test procedures, while its industry-standard transceiver footprint provides an easy drop-in replacement solution to enable communication over POF with low-cost, consumer-friendly connectors.

“This is the first time a Gigabit transceiver which emits visible light - the preferred wavelength for POF - is available on the market,” says CEO Declan O’Mahoney. “Because POF is as easy to work with as speaker wire and is immune to electrical interference, we expect to see a major demand for this transceiver in 1394 FireWire networks and in Gigabit Ethernet networks worldwide.”

Firecomms will demonstrate the EDL1000G-510 transceiver in an IEEE 1394 home networking application on the HANA booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, USA (7-10 January).

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