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10 December 2007


New Sanyo laser diode catalog released

Laser diode specialist Photonic Products of Hatfield Broad Oak, UK has announced the release of the new Sanyo Laser Diode Catalogue for 2008, available as a free download from its website (

Sanyo’s newest laser diodes, from 405nm to 830nm, are specified individually. The range includes high-power diodes for use with CD-R, industrial laser diodes at 635nm, 808nm laser diodes for use as a light source for green laser modules, and 405nm blue-violet laser diodes for next-generation optical disks and other industrial applications.

Several new 405nm high-power blue-violet laser diodes incorporate a built-in photodiode for monitoring output, which allows easier control of the auto power circuit and greater reliability and precision for very demanding applications. These new laser diodes include the DL-4146-101S (with an optical output power of 20mW and a low threshold current of 26mA), the DL-5146-101S (with an optical output power of 45mW) and the DL-7146-101S (with a very high output power of 85mW). All three have an operating temperature range of 0-75ºC.

Sanyo has also launched a range of diode-pumped solid-state green laser modules with thermo-electric control; output powers of 5mW and 10mW are available with a typical lasing wavelength of 532nm. The modules operate over a wide operating temperature range of -10ºC to +50ºC which, added to low operating current and a compact package, suits a variety of demanding industrial and laboratory applications.

The catalog provides a reference source, with diagrams and definitions of laser diode features and electric optical characteristics such as light output power and threshold current.

Safety precautions are also specified, including absolute maximum ratings, soldering conditions, how to prevent breakdown due to static electricity or surge current, package handling, and catastrophic optical damage levels.

Precautions for the safe use of blue-violet 405nm laser diodes are covered separately due to their higher voltage and the fact that the light output from a blue-violet laser diode is very harmful to the human eye.

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