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11 December 2007


Seoul introduces industry's thinnest LED chip

Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor has has filed a patent application for what it claims is the world’s thinnest LED chip. The WH108 measures 1.6mm in width, 0.8mm in length and 0.17mm in height, 15% less than the industry’s thinnest LED chips currently (0.2mm).

The LED’s wafer-type substrate, which has been structurally precision-processed to improve optical efficiency, enables the chip to realize high luminous intensity and thermal characteristic. The WH108 delivers a luminous intensity of 240mcd, more than twice the brightness of existing LED chips at a current of 5mA.

Also, the WH108 is capable of producing the same brightness at a lower power, helping to extend the battery life of portable devices such as cell phones, digital cameras and laptops.

The ultra-thin package and high brightness suit applications in cell-phone keypad modules or touch pads, ultimately leading to thinner cell phones. However, enhanced thermal characteristic mean that the WH108 can also withstand and perform reliably in demanding environments including: small lights (inner lighting of refrigerator, automobile reading lamps); special illumination devices (endoscope illumination); and automobile dashboard lighting).

“The WH108 is a result of our continuous commitment to meet our customers` demand for thinner and brighter LED chips,” says Jeong Su Park, head of Seoul’s LED chip business division.

Prototype models in white, blue and green are available to cell-phone makers this month. Mass-production on a scale of more than 10 million LEDs per month will begin in first-quarter 2008.

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