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13 February 2007


Novalux plans expansion of Necsel laser production with second Aixtron MOCVD reactor

Aixtron of Aachen, Germany has received an order for a second 2600G3 multiwafer Planetary MOCVD reactor from diode laser manufacturer Novalux Inc.

Novalux’s new 2600G3 IC system (8x4-in wafer configuration) will be installed at its wafer fab in Sunnyvale, California, and used to mass-produce the company’s proprietary lasers for projection displays.

A specialist in solid-state lighting for projection displays, Novalux’s portfolio includes high-power red, green and blue Necsel laser devices.

Michael Jansen, Novalux’s COO, said: "We have been well satisfied with the development and production performance from our first Aixtron 2600 G3 MOCVD tool. The Aixtron G3 platform allows us to produce complex laser structures with exceptional uniformity and consistency. Our expansion plans for the Necsel laser family prompted us to acquire a further high-quality Aixtron MOCVD system.”