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16 February 2007


Anadigics extends WiMAX and WCDMA PA portfolios

* Anadigics expands WiMAX PA portfolio for mobile applications

Anadigics Inc has expanded its portfolio of WiMAX power amplifiers (PAs) with the AWM6423 for mobile WiMAX (the 802.16e-2005 standard), offering what it claims is unparalleled power efficiency and high linearity in a highly integrated module package. Anadigics already supplies WiMAX equipment manufacturers with PAs such as the AWM6430, AWM6431 and AWM6432 for fixed-point 802.16d-2004 applications.

With recent investments from such market drivers as Sprint, Intel, Clearwire and Motorola, mobile WiMAX service is expected to roll out in the US throughout 2007. The AWM6423 operates in the 2.5-2.7GHz frequency band allocated for broadband mobile wireless services in the US. Additional products are already in development for other broadband mobile wireless systems that use various frequency bands around the world.

Anadigics’ WiMAX PAs are based on its patented InGaP-Plus process technology, which integrates bipolar and FET devices on the same GaAs-based die to support enhanced feature integration. The 4.5mm by 4.5mm AWM6423 module provides an integrated step attenuator and output power detector, minimizing external component count, printed circuit board space requirements, and development costs for new designs. It operates with a power efficiency of 20% using a +3.3V supply, supporting an error vector magnitude (EVM) of 4% at +23.5dBm output power for 16-QAM signals. Anadigics claims that e xcellent linearity and an EVM of 2.5% can be achieved to support 64-QAM signals by either reducing output power or increasing supply voltage. The module also offers fully matched RF ports and can operate from a +2.9-4.2V power supply.

* Anadigics adds dual-band WCDMA PA for feature-rich multimedia handsets

At this week’s 2007 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Anadigics says that it has expanded its line of high-efficiency HELP3 WCDMA power amplifiers (PAs) with the AWT6221, a new dual-band design that combines North American cellular and PCS bands in a small 3mm x 5mm package and is designed for both US 3G handsets and world-phones.

The integration of two independent PA chains delivers uncompromised performance in both frequency bands and conserves printed-circuit board area, says Anadigics.

Using the HSDPA-compliant device saves 53% in printed circuit board space compared with implementations using two single-band 4mm x 4 mm PAs, says said Dr Ali Khatibzadeh, senior VP and general manager of Wireless Products. The chip includes built-in voltage regulator functionality, which eliminates the need for external switch circuitry.

Leveraging Anadigics’ proprietary HELP3 technology, the AWT6221 reduces average current consumption by 75%, which translates to up to 25% increase in talk-time. Through selectable bias modes, the PAs achieve optimal efficiency across the low-range and mid-range output power levels. Also, the AWT6221’s intelligent bias circuit reduces current consumption to 8mA at low power levels.

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