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16 February 2007


Avago launches new handset and GPS components

* Avago samples integrated RF front-end module for GSM/UMTS Band 1 handsets

At this week’s 2007 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Avago Technologies of San Jose, CA, USA sampled what it claims is the industry's smallest integrated RF front-end module for UMTS Band 1 handsets (for volume shipment in Q2 /20 07).

The AFEM-7780 integrates the firm’s FBAR (film bulk acoustic resonator)-based duplexer with its CoolPAM power amplifier technology. Avago claims that its FBAR-based technology provides low insertion loss and outstanding isolation, which improves efficiency and receiver sensitivity and makes it suited to the complexities of UMTS Band 1. Offering the lowest average operating current in the industry, the CoolPAM power amplifiers provide up to 30 minutes more talk time and excellent linearity, the firm claims.

Measuring just 4mm x 7mm x 1.1mm and supplied in a 20-pin surface mount package, the AFEM-7780 handles critical RF functionality and frees up to 50% of PCB space on the handset. By combining a transmitter filter, power amplifiers, coupler and duplexer, it dramatically reduces the need for engineering resources and speeds time to market, Avago claims.

* Improved CoolPAM architecture extends handset battery life for CDMA and W-CDMA

Avago says that advances in the architecture of its CoolPAM power amplifiers can extend handset battery life by as much as 20%. Products based on its next-generation power amplifier technology will be available in early 2008.
The new CoolPAM design includes a bypass mode that reduces the current required by the PA, significantly reduces battery power consumption, increasing talk-time and improving handset performance in CDMA and W-CDMA applications, despite handsets beginning to incorporate demanding functions such as TV viewing.

CoolPAM technology also allows handsets to run cooler without the additional design time or expense of a DC/DC converter.

* LNA with integrated filter improves signal reception for simultaneous GPS

Avago is sampling what it claims is the industry’s first GPS low noise amplifier (LNA) with an integrated filter (to be available in production quantities at the end of March).

The firm also claims that, with a very low noise figure and high linearity, the ALM-1412 provides superior GPS signal reception sensitivity and is suited to use in handsets, in-vehicle navigation GPS receivers and GPS antennas. In particular, Avago says that it provides excellent noise rejection at cellular/PCS-band frequencies, critical for simultaneous GPS (S-GPS) operation.  

Integration of the GPS LNA and an FBAR filter into a small 3.3mm x 2.1mm x 1.1mm MCOB package reduces PCB space and component count for GPS applications at 1.575GHz, enabling compact products with more features and functionality. A built-in shunt inductor included at the RF input of the LNA enhances ESD protection.
During typical operating conditions of 2.85V and 8 mA, the ALM-1412 delivers a 0.85dB noise figure, 12.5dB gain, +6.6dBm IIP3 (input third order intercept point) and 58dBc cell/PCS-band rejection. It can also operate at 1V and still achieve very low noise figure and high gain, suiting use in critical low-power GPS applications or during low-battery situations.