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9 February 2007


Axiom secures $25m to ramp CMOS-based cellular PA production

Axiom Microdevices Inc of Irvine, CA, USA has secured $25m in Series C funding, to be used to ramp production of its first-generation complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) power amplifiers and to further develop its roadmap of products.

The financing round was led by Tallwood Venture Capital and joined by other major existing investors, including US Venture Partners, Anthem Venture Partners, and VentureTech Alliance.

Founded in 2002 with patented technology developed at the California Institute of Technology, Axiom claims to be the first company to use commodity CMOS silicon processes to produce fully integrated power amplifiers for the cellular market.

Axiom’s technology partners include Taiwan’s TSMC (the world’s biggest silicon wafer foundry) and outsource assembly & test contractor Amkor Technology Inc, which is headquartered in Chandler, AZ, USA but has manufacturing in the Far East.

“We are providing handset manufacturers with the time-tested advantages of mainstream CMOS through integration,” said CEO Brett Butler. “CMOS integration has been instrumental in driving down the cost of cellular handsets over the past 10 years,” adds Ron Yara, general partner, Tallwood Venture Capital. “Handset makers must continue to fully utilize mainstream CMOS if they are to satisfy cost and supply continuity needs,” he claims.