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1 February 2007


Cree signs WPI to distribute power LEDs in Asia; XR-E LEDs chosen for Vortex rechargeable flashlights

LED lighting component maker Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has signed a distribution agreement with World Peace Industrial Co Ltd. (WPI) of Taipei, Taiwan to sell and support its XLamp products in China, Asia Pacific and Japan. WPI is a member of WPG Holdings, an electronics distributor in Asia. Cree previously had a distribution agreement with World Peace Group Technology Ltd of Hong Kong.

“Expanding our distribution reach in Asia and Japan with WPI strengthens Cree’s presence and ability to address the potential for high-power packaged LEDs in China, Japan and the Asia Pacific region,” says Bob Pollock, Cree’s senior VP, sales. “Our customers represent some of the most advanced and innovative lighting and backlighting manufacturers in the world,” adds WPI’s CEO Mike Chang. WPI claims to be one of the top three IC component distributors worldwide.

The agreement provides WPI’s customers with access to Cree’s family of high-power packaged LEDs. Among the Cree XLamp products available through WPI will be the 210 lumen XR-E LED launched last October, which is the first commercially released power LED that is as efficient as fluorescent sources, claims Cree.

WPI will provide full system-solutions support for optical, thermal, and control electronics design. Cree and WPI aim to work together to accelerate the adoption of solid-state lighting in Asia by providing high-power packaged LED products and services to manufacturers of lighting and backlighting products.

“With this agreement, Cree adds a third major distribution partner, advancing our plans to build a top-tier distribution network worldwide,” says Pollock.


*Cree’s XLamp XR-E LEDs chosen for Vortex rechargeable flashlights

Vortex Vision Corp of Temecula, CA, USA, which makes rechargeable-battery flashlights for military, law enforcement and professional markets, has chosen Cree’s new XLamp XR-E power LEDs for five of its LED flashlight models.

The white XR-E Series LED (launched last October) produces typical luminous flux of 80lm at 350mA (an efficacy of 70lm/W). High brightness and efficiency are critical for battery-powered, portable lighting applications such as hand-held flashlights, says Cree. XR-E Series LEDs also produce the high-quality, uniform white light required, it adds.

The XR-E enables Vortex to make very bright flashlights featuring long run times, says managing director Arne Ogaard. “The rechargeable-battery flashlight market is focused on brightness and efficiency,” said Norbert Hiller, Cree’s general manager and VP for XLamp power LEDs.

In the last month, Cree has announced qualification of its XR-E is for use at a driving current of 1A (delivering typically 176lm, and up to 210lm), as well as design-ins of its XLamp XR-E power LEDs for flashlights and lanterns made by SureFire LLC of Fountain Valley, CA, USA, ASP Inc of Appleton, WI, USA, and Favour Light Enterprise Ltd of Hong Kong

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