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7 February 2007


LLF’s first product incorporates XLamp XR-E LED

LED Lighting Fixtures Inc (LLF) of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA has chosen Cree’s XLamp XR-E LED for its first product, a six-inch down light that produces 650 lumens at 10-12 watts.

Chuck Swoboda, Cree’s chairman and CEO, said: "This product takes maximum advantage of our new lighting-class LEDs. This is the first LED down light to deliver on the promise and capability of LEDs with better efficiency and lifetimes than the typical incandescent or compact fluorescent products being used today."

According to Cree, its XR-E LED produces typical luminous flux of approximately 80 lumens at the component level at 350 mA and up to 210 lumens at 1 A.

Gerry Negley, LLF's CTO, said: "Cree's performance is unmatched with the new XR-E design and recent advances in its power-package technology."    

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