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14 February 2007


Cyberlux delivers visible and covert lighting system to USAF

LED lighting manufacturer Cyberlux Corp of Research Triangle Park, NC, USA has delivered a new LED-based BrightEye VaC Portable Illumination System to the United States Air Force (USAF), fulfilling a $51,000 contract for a portable, battery-powered visible and covert lighting system.

Cyberlux developed it as an adaptation of two existing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems (the WatchDog Portable Covert Illumination System and the BrightEye Portable Visible Illumination System) for the Air Mobility Battlelab (AMB), which explores high-payoff concepts, technologies, and tactics to advance USAF capabilities of rapid global mobility and agile combat support. The AMB previously selected Cyberlux to adapt its commercially available portable lighting system to meet requirements for the WatchDog Portable Covert Illumination System ( shipped in January to Fort Dix Air Force Base for use within the USAF Air Mobility Command ).

“Cyberlux has made significant advancements in the capabilities of our portable visible and covert lighting systems to fulfill the latest USAF contract award,” says president and chief operating officer Mark D. Schmidt. “The company’s innovative lighting technology has met the stringent Air Mobility Battlelab requirements for illumination, portability and solar power battery recharging capability,” he adds. “Fulfilling our second USAF contract is a significant milestone for the company’s military business unit.”

The new system is designed as a portable visible and infrared night-vision compatible illumination system for force protection, aircraft maintenance, expeditionary airbase force protection, general mission lighting and other high-intensity lighting applications. Using advanced optics, battery power and solar battery recharging technology, and contained in a wheeled carrying case, the aim is to replace the space-consuming bulk, noise and energy consumption problems of the current generator-powered incandescent lighting systems, for appropriate missions, with an easily deployed wheeled-case solid-state lighting system. Also, the BrightEye VaC system’s versatility makes it uniquely capable for first-responder deployment across all armed services, Cyberlux claims.