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8 February 2007


GELcore switches name to Lumination LLC

GELcore LLC of Cleveland, OH, USA, has been renamed “Lumination LLC” by its parent company, GE Consumer & Industrial. GELcore was a joint venture between GE and Emcore Corp, until September 2006 when Emcore sold its 49% stake to GE for $100m. Formed in 1999, the company makes high-brightness white LED-based light systems.

“Our name change emphasizes an important element of our growth strategy,” states David Elien, president of Lumination. “Our focus since our inception has been lighting applications that leverage the benefits of LEDs to drive real value for customers. We remain committed to delivering best-in-class LED lighting solutions in key segments such as signage, architecture, transportation signals and retail display, while also setting our sights on global distinction in the emerging general illumination market segment.”

Last year, Wal-Mart Stores Inc agreed to install the company’s refrigerated display case solution in over 500 North American stores. According to Lumination, this will be the world’s largest single installation of white LEDs replacing fluorescent in a display lighting application.

Late in 2006, following the buyout from Emcore, GE invested $100m in the business by forming a strategic alliance with GaN-based LED and laser diode maker Nichia Corp of Anan, Tokushima, Japan.

Moving forward, Lumination says it aims to introduce several new white LED signage, commercial refrigeration, architectural and general illumination products in 2007, and a new white LED emitter for general illumination applications. Lumination’s investment in new products will increase more than 50% this year over 2006.

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