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9 February 2007


TriQuint to debut transmit and PA-duplexer modules at GSM World Congress

* TriQuint adds to QUANTUM Tx family with dual-band GSM/GPRS module for entry-level handsets

At next week’s GSM World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, as part of its new 2007 ‘Global Handset Strategy’, TriQuint Semiconductor of Hillsboro, OR, USA will debut the TQM6M4028 dual-band GSM/GPRS transmit (Tx) module, which is is available in two variants that accommodate European (E) or US (U) frequency allocations and is targeted at the rapidly emerging entry-level wireless handset market. The module complements TriQuint’s products for advanced multimedia wireless devices.

The TQM6M4028 is the latest addition to the firm’s QUANTUM Tx Module family, which (despite the new ‘QUANTUM Tx’ brand name being introduced at the GSM World Congress) is an evolution of the industry-smallest (6x6x1.1mm) family of Tx modules that TriQuint introduced in 2005, joining the family’s existing TQM6M5001 EDGE quad-band module. TriQuint has shipped more than 50 million quad-band Tx modules to date. Maintaining the form factor, footprint and pin compatibility with prior generations enables the design of dual-band variations of existing quad-band designs, reducing development costs and speeding time-to-market.

“The TQM6M4028 module integrates a dual-band GaAs HBT power amplifier with an SP4T pHEMT switch, low-pass filters, PA and switch controller with all necessary matching and ESD protection circuitry,” says handset product marketing manager Berry Leonard. “All passive components are integrated onto the active device circuits, which eliminates the need for surface mount devices inside the module or on the phone’s printed circuit board. TriQuint’s design can simplify the manufacturing process while increasing overall product reliability,” he adds.

Despite being designed for entry-level markets, a new current clamp feature prevents the handset battery from being rapidly depleted if the phone is positioned close to a surface that markedly disturbs the antenna, maximizing talk-time.

* QUANTUM II Tx and TRITIUM II PA-Duplexer modules for WEDGE handsets shrink PCB area up to 40% by replacing six discretes

TriQuint has also unveiled a new pair of highly integrated products for WEDGE (WCDMA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE) and HEDGE (HSDPA/WCDMA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE) handsets that shrink the RF front-end printed circuit board area by up to 40%.

Both modules are compatible as a complete system solution with QUALCOMM’s Mobile Station Modem (MSM) chipsets and support TriQuint’s continuing strategy to supply high-performance products optimized to major transceiver reference designs. TriQuint claims that its design approach reduces manufacturing time, extends battery life and frees-up RF front-end space for new multimedia features.

The TQM6M9009, a quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE Tx module, is an evolution that adds a WEDGE/HEDGE-compliant switch as the first product in TriQuint’s QUANTUM II Tx Module family. It is designed for single-antenna applications for quad-band GSM, plus ‘antenna pass through’ to support worldwide WCDMA coverage in Bands 1, 2, 5 or 6.

The TQM676011 is a WCDMA/HSDPA product and the first member of TriQuint’s new 7x4mm TRITIUM II PA-Duplexer Module family. It provides IMT2100 Band 1 functionality for handsets when mated with the TQM6M9009.

The TQM6M9009 QUANTUM II Tx Module is a next-generation design supporting QUALCOMM’s newest 3G multimode transceivers. This quad-band GSM/EDGE-polar transmit module integrates dual GaAs HBT power amplifiers, a smart controller IC, RF low pass filtering, and a WEDGE/HEDGE switch with integrated decoder. TriQuint’s GaAs pHEMT switches enable dedicated broadband WCDMA antenna pass-through, bolting together the EDGE and WCDMA radio functionality in one phone. TriQuint claims that the module offers best-in-class amplitude and phase modulation performance, providing a handset with fast calibration time. The TQM6M9009 shares a TriQuint design heritage that has yielded a series of highly integrated transmit modules, including the industry’s first 6x6mm quad-band GSM/GPRS modules, as well as the TQM7M5003 Polar-EDGE PA module. The TQM6M9009 QUANTUM II Tx Module offers an alternative to TriQuint’s discrete HADRON PA Modules for EDGE-Polar in size-critical applications, adds Paul Cooper, Strategic Marketing Manager for Handsets.

The TQM676011 TRITIUM II PA-Duplexer Module addresses the need for IMT2100 band WCDMA functionality, creating an ultra-compact system solution when used with the TQM6M9009. It integrates an IMT2100 power amplifier, duplexer, RF coupler, and transmit inter-stage filter. Three different output power modes reduce current for enhanced efficiency when operating at less than full power, which is the predominant mode of handset operation, maximizing talk-time by minimizing battery current draw. The module allows the flexibility to customize phone models for specific geographic regions.

The moldules can shrink RF front-end board area by up to 40%, offering a simple ultra-compact solution for WEDGE and HEDGE handsets, claims Triquint. “For instance: replacing six discrete modules and 18 SMDs by two integrated front-end modules in a single-band WCDMA application takes board area down from typically 140mm 2 to 85mm 2, creating space for new phone features, reducing inventory costs and speeding time-to-market,” adds Cooper.

Production quantities of both modules are targeted for shipments in second-half 2007.