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5 February 2007


Vishay launches sapphire-based InGaN white SMD LEDs

To meet the increasing demand for white surface-mounted (SMD) LEDs, discrete semiconductor device maker Vishay Intertechnology Inc of Malvern, PA, USA has launched the VLMW41XX series of high-intensity InGaN-based white LEDs, grown on sapphire substrates.

Vishay says that the LEDs provide cost-effective illumination for applications including backlighting in automotive dashboards and switches; indicators and backlighting in telecoms systems, audio and video equipment, and office equipment; and flat backlighting for LCDs, switches, and symbols in general use.

The devices offer a 60° angle of half-intensity, a high luminous intensity of 112-355mcd, and a typical color temperature of 5500K. The ESD-withstand voltage is up to 2kV (in accordance with JESD22-A114-B).

The reflector inside the EIA- and ICE-standard PLCC-2 package is filled with a mixture of epoxy and a TAG phosphor for converting some of the blue emission to yellow to yield white light.