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4 January 2007


Largest-capacity MOCVD system ready for nitride production

Aixtron of Aachen, Germany says that the world’s largest-capacity MOCVD system for nitride production, the new Aixtron 42x2-inch AIX 2800G4 Planetary Reactor system, is now operational at one of its long-term customers in Asia (the launch customer for the AIX 2800G4 mass-production system).

The system was signed off within just a few weeks from delivery, and has already been put into production. Due to the new Yield-Plus features, it is performing better than previous systems, says Aixtron.

Aixtron claims that the AIX 2800G4 (its latest MOCVD system) offers more than double the capacity of any competing model. Developed in-house, the reactor was a response to demand for larger single-run capabilities for the cost-effective production of ultrahigh-brightness LEDs. The reactor design is based on Aixtron’s ‘Integrated Concept’ (IC), including a redesign of most of the components of the reactor system as well as the reactor cell itself. Key features include a compact footprint, improved maintenance, easier operation and handling, improved reliability and reproducibility compared with previous reactors.