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5 January 2007


Cree's XLamp LEDs to power SureFire flashlights

Illumination tool manufacturer SureFire LLC has chosen the new XLamp 7090 XR-E Series LED of Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA to serve as the light source in three new flashlight models.

The XR-E Series LEDs produce typical luminous flux of 80 lumens at 350mA (an efficacy of 70 lumens per watt). High brightness and efficiency are critical for battery-powered, portable lighting applications, says Cree. XR-E Series
LEDs also produce the high-quality, uniform white light valued by flashlight vendors, it adds.

"XLamp LEDs measure 40% brighter and 50% more efficient than other LED solutions," says SureFire's founder and president John Matthews. "They are easy to design into our new flashlight models and provide a pure, brilliant
beam of lightŠwe are able to design LED flashlights with far longer battery life," he adds.

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