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29 January 2007


Cree’s XLamp XR-E LEDs qualified for use at 1 Amp, delivering up to 210 lumens

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA says that its XLamp XR-E white LEDs are now qualified for use in high-power applications of up to 1 Amp. The XR-E produces luminous flux of up to 210 lumens at 1A, with typical luminous flux of 176 lumens.

“It is now qualified for extended performance in higher-power applications, such a portable lighting, where maximum light output is required," says Norbert Hiller, vice president and general manager for XLamp LEDs. "This qualification also applies to the millions of XR-E LEDs already in the field,” he adds.

The LEDs also produce typical luminous flux of 80 lumens at 350mA, yielding 70 lumens per watt.

* Cree’s XLamp XR-E LEDs chosen for Favour Light camp lanterns

Favour Light Enterprise Ltd, which employs 1500 people at its Shing Fung factory in Dongguan, China, has selected XLamp XR-E power LEDs for its LED camping lanterns and a number of new flashlight models.

“Cree power LEDs bring a whole new level of quality light to our practical, general-purpose personal lighting devices,” says managing director Shiu Shing. "We can now provide our customers with extremely bright, LED-based products at reasonable prices."

The use of Cree’s brightest LEDs by such a high-volume, value-priced flashlight manufacturer for camping lanterns and general-purpose flashlights at varying price points brings Cree’s LED lights to a much larger customer base, says Hiller.

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