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31 January 2007


CyOptics shipped over 1 million FTTH chips in 2006

Indium phosphide optical component maker CyOptics Inc of Breinigsville, PA, USA says it shipped over 1 million laser and detector chips for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) applications in 2006. The chips are used in Gigabit passive optical networks (GPON) that bring fiber-optic communications to businesses and homes, enabling high-speed data transfer and video-on-demand applications.

CyOptics supplies 1310nm distributed feedback (DFB) laser chips for the optical networking unit (ONU) and 1490nm DFB laser chips for the optical line terminal (OLT) enabling GPON equipment, as well as avalanche photo-diodes to support both ONU and OLT applications. The chips are sold either at the die level or in an industry-standard cylindrical TO-can package.

The chips are manufactured in CyOptics' wafer and chip fabrication plants in Lehigh Valley, PA, and its planar automated packaging & testing operations are in Matamoros, Mexico. Cylindrical TO-cans are manufactured by packaging partners in Asia.

"We have over 120 billion device service hours in telecommunications equipment deployed since 2000," says CEO Ed Coringrato. "This type of reliability, combined with our ability to meet volume market demand, is the main reason we are providing the key components to FTTH transceiver manufacturers worldwide."

"GPON is the fastest growing portion of the PON market now and this rate will be sustained," says Karen Liu, research director, components at market research firm Ovum-RHK. "Ovum expects both GPON ONU and OLT shipments to more than double each year through 2011."

"We have been providing these key components to make FTTH a reality outside North America, and now we are ready to address the US market needs as carriers implement their plans for widespread FTTH deployments," says Kou-Wei Wang, CyOptics’ director of chip product management & sales.