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24 January 2007


Jenoptik launches green thin-disc laser and higher-power diode lasers

Jenoptik has further developed its family of air-cooled disc laser products, and at this week’s Photonics West in San José, CA, USA is debuting the JenLas epidot thin-disc laser, which has a wavelength of 532nm (green laser light). With an output power of up to 10W, finer features can now be achieved when ablating and marking new materials, says Jenoptik, expanding the range of applications. Extremely fine features are required for trimming lasers and marking wafers, for example. 

Jenoptik also says that it has further improved the quality of the semiconductor material in its high-power diode lasers. Higher bar quality combined with new assembly technology has led to further increases in the output power of all its products. Diode lasers that previously generated an output power of 60W now provide 80-100W from one high-efficiency bar, or up to 140W from a fiber-coupled module based on two high-efficiency diode lasers. The result is that all passively cooled diode lasers can now be used in the same output power category as the actively cooled diode lasers.

Jenoptik offers in-house products along the entire process chain for high-power diode lasers - from unassembled diode laser bars up to ready-made diode lasers with beam focusing, vertical and horizontal diode laser stacks, as well as fiber-coupled diode laser modules.

The diode lasers can be used for pumping thin-disc lasers (for welding and cutting), for medical application (e.g. hair removal) or in direct materials processing (soldering and hardening of metals or welding plastics).