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11 January 2007


LG launches Ultra Mobile Projector using Luminus' PhlatLight LED technology

At this week's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV, USA, LG Electronics Inc introduced a pocket-size, battery-operated Ultra Mobile Projector that is illuminated not by the arc lamp found in most projectors but by the PhlatLight PT39 chipset of Luminus Devices Inc, a
manufacturer of solid-state light-emitting devices and systems.

Luminus, which is based in Woburn, MA, USA, developed its Photonic Lattice technology on the basis of research performed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The firm claims that PhlatLight is the only solid-state light
source powerful enough to illuminate large-screen projection TVs.

Using PhlatLight LEDs, LG has produced what is claimed to be the brightest commercially available LED-based projector on the market. The PT39 chipset allows it to deliver more than 100 ANSI lumens, compared with the 15-30 lumens produced by projectors illuminated with conventional LEDs. As a result, LG's pocket projector can operate in daylight conditions and project a larger image.

Due to the long lifetime advantages of LED technology, the light source should never need to be replaced, says Luminus. Other benefits of solid-state light sources include 'instant-on' with full brightness (since there is no bulb warm-up time) and digital power management (to optimize
battery life and brightness).

With PhlatLight chipsets in commercial production, Luminus says it is designing light sources for applications including microdisplay projection TVs and other advanced, high-definition displays. Several leading television and consumer electronics vendors are currently selling TVs that use
PhlatLight products.