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31 January 2007


Product round-up: Mimix Broadband, Renesas Technology

Mimix Broadband Inc

Mimix Broadband Inc of Houston, Texas, USA has introduced a GaAs monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) three stage power amplifier (PA) with a temperature compensated output detector. The new PA (XP1022-BD for the bare die device, and XP1022-QF for the RoHS compliant 4x4mm QFN surface mount package) is designed for wireless communications applications, such as millimeter-wave point-to-point radio, local multipoint distribution services (LMDS), SATCOM and VSAT.

Using 0.15 micron gate length GaAs pHEMT technology, the PA covers the 17 to 25 GHz frequency bands and has a signal gain of 20 dB with +28 dBm P1dB compression point. The XP1022 die includes on-chip ESD protection.

Samples and production quantities are now available.


Renesas Technology Corp

Renesas Technology Corp of Tokyo, Japan has introduced a high-performance power SiGe HBT, the RQG2003, for applications such as wireless LAN terminals, digital cordless phones, and RF tag readers/writers.

The RQG2003, available in a 2.0 mm × 2.0 mm × 0.8 mm surface-mount 8-pin package (WQFN0202), replaces Renesas’ HSG2002, and according to the company it achieves the industry's highest level of performance in the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands. In the 5 GHz band, the RQG2003 offers power gain of 6.4 dB, 1dB gain compression power of 26.5 dBm, and power addition efficiency of 33.6%, at 5.8 GHz. In the 2.4 GHz band, it provides power gain of 13.0 dB, 1dB gain compression power of 26.5 dBm, and power addition efficiency of 66.0%, at 2.4 GHz.

Renesas says that the RQG2003 is its first product to use its “unique double-trench structure” in which a trench isolation and conductive trench are formed in a single transistor area. Trench isolation insulates the transistor from the silicon substrate, reducing parasitic capacitance between the substrate and transistor. Furthermore, the conductive trench is constructed so as to connect the electrodes and substrate by means of via holes, making it possible to reduce inductance due to wire bonding, says the company.

For the RQG2003, the SiGe base is doped with carbon (SiGeC), and the transistor pattern is optimized, resulting in a collector current density increase, and 1dB gain compression power improvement by approximately 1.5 dBm compared with Renesas' HSG2002.

Renesas adds that it plans to extend the LNA RQG1xxx and PA RQG2xxx lineups in the RQG Series of SiGe power transistors, and proceed with the development of LNA RQL1xxx and PA RQL2xxx products in the RQL Series of SiGe MMICs.

Sample shipments of the RQG2003 are expected to begin in March 2007 in Japan.