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16 January 2007


Nitronex develops 48V GaN on silicon platform

Nitronex of Raleigh, NC, USA has developed a 48V GaN on silicon platform for next generation wireless infrastructure applications.

“Designed to support high-power broadband operations, the high-voltage, thermally enhanced platform enables software reconfigurable radios by giving RF power amplifier designers a power and bandwidth combination not available with other production technologies,” said Chris Rauh, VP Sales and Marketing. “Supporting supply voltages of 48V allows devices to operate with reduced memory effects, wider RF output bandwidth and easier matching. In a new RF power amplifier design, this translates into improved system efficiency and reduced number of product variants, resulting in reduced acquisition and operating costs. For existing designs, we see this product line helping to extend the service life of existing systems by improving efficiency and bandwidth in the current footprint of fielded assets.”

Based on Nitronex’s existing, qualified NRF1 (GaN on Silicon) technology, the company says initial products will be designed for WiMAX and 3G/3G LTE waveforms operating in frequency bands of 1.8-2.2GHz and 2.3-2.7GHz. Line-ups with output power ranging of 5-200W will be supported. Samples are expected in March 2007, with production qualification due in Q3/2007.