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15 January 2007


Novalux's green lasers power Microvision's miniature projection displays at CES

At last week's 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV, USA, Microvision Inc of Redmond, WA, USA demonstrated a prototype miniature full-color projection display using Integrated Photonics Module technology that incorporates the latest-generation green Novalux extended-cavity surface-emitting laser (NECSEL) technology of Novalux Inc of Sunnyvale, CA, USA.

Microvision develops high-resolution displays and imaging systems based on proprietary silicon micro-mirror technology, with applications in consumer, medical, industrial, professional and military products. Microvision's
ultra-thin, miniature, full-color Pico Projector (PicoP) is small enough to be embedded in portable hand-held devices including mobile phones.

"We firmly believe in the growth of the ultra-miniature laser scanning display market," said Novalux's CEO Jean-Michel Pelaprat. "To help Microvision bring their ultra-thin, miniature, full-color projection display product to market, we mobilized our internal development efforts to accelerate the maturation of the NECSEL green laser technology optimized for such applications," he adds. "Ultra-thin miniature projectors such as the design from Microvision represent one of the most exciting market opportunities for low-power, low-cost green lasers, and we are ramping up
our internal investment in anticipation of growing market demand."

"The green laser is a critical component in the successful commercialization of our tiny display engine," said Microvision's CEO Alexander Tokman. "This collaboration, which we initiated in July 2006, has been very fruitful."

At CES Microvision also demonstrated a separate ultra-thin, miniature full-color projection display integrated photonics module incorporating prototype green lasers developed by Corning Inc. Corning has subsequently made available its green laser prototypes to potential projection module
customers for form, fit, function, and performance evaluation throughout 2007.

* Novalux licenses RGB laser reference design to Young Optics for projection displays

Novalux has also licensed its RGB laser reference design for Necsel-based illumination devices to Young Optics Inc, an affiliate of Coretronic Corp Taiwan, for use in projection display products, and will also supply Young Optics with Necsel chips.

Young Optics will mass-produce and sell Necsel laser modules, and integrate them into its OEM projection display light engines. Young Optics' aim is to enhance its foothold in markets such as microdisplay-based projection TV and
Video Walls.

"This licensing agreement will enable them to produce reliable, high-performance, Necsel-based imaging products," said Novalux's CEO Jean-Michel Pelaprat. "It will allow one-stop-shopping for consumer electronics companies, as Young Optics will supply optical components,
Necsel-based laser modules, and optical light engines, along with extended service of ODM and OEM design integration," he adds. "Ultimately, it will mean faster technology adoption for consumers."

"Our agreement with Novalux will allow us to provide our OEM customers with complete laser projection solutions, from laser packages to light engine system integration, for this host of new products," says Young Optics' president Frank Juang.

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