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24 January 2007


Osram adds water-cooled vertical laser stacks and laser bars to high-power laser range

At this week’s Photonics West event in San José, CA, USA, Osram Opto Semiconductors is introducing an expanded range of high-power laser diodes, including water-cooled vertical laser stacks and laser bars in standard packages, in addition to discrete power laser diodes and unmounted laser bars.

The water-cooled vertical laser stacks consist of up to 20 laser bars which operate in continuous wave (cw) mode or in quasi-continuous wave (qcw) mode. Their standard wavelengths are 808, 915, 940 or 975nm. Depending on the version, the stacks can achieve outputs in the kilowatt range and have a life of more than 10,000 hours. Typical applications include high-output systems for pumping solid-state lasers, direct material processing, and medical engineering.

Passive cooled laser diodes on solid copper heat sinks (CS mounts) are used where water cooling is not possible, e.g. in transportable systems for medical applications. These provide optical outputs of up to 50W in cw mode.

Picture: Water-cooled vertical laser stacks

* Up to 10 laser diode arrays integrated in a pumping line

SIRILAS belongs to a group of laser diode arrays with special heat sinks. Integrated cooling fins on which the laser bar is centered provide effective water cooling. The simple design of the cooling channels counters corrosion. An enclosed package protects against dust and contact. An integrated lens produces an almost parallel beam, with vertical divergence of typically one degree.

The ready-to-use module with optimized cooling can be easily incorporated into the standardized mechanical, thermal and electrical interfaces of a pumping application, the firm claims. Combining multiple pumping lines enables a high-power solid-state laser to be used as a smaller, more efficient alternative to CO 2 lasers for material processing (e.g. for welding plastic and metal). The output can be further increased by connecting solid-state lasers in series.

Picture: SIRILAS belongs to a group of laser diode arrays with special heat sinks.



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