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26 January 2007


Riber sales rose 14% in 2006

MBE reactor manufacturer Riber Group of Bezons, France has reported revenues for 2006 of €20.1m, up 14% from 2005’s €17.7m. The firm billed 13 machines, including five production machines.

As a result of increased sales of ‘nomadic communication products’, production machine revenues rose 57% (from €6.1m to €9.6m). Riber delivered one MBE 49 machine, one MBE 6000 machine and three MBE 7000 machines for microelectronic applications.

Research machines sales were down 24% (from €6.7m to €5.1m), comprising the delivery of eight machines compared to 11 in 2005, mainly due to reduced deliveries in Asia.

Component sales grew 10% (from €4.9m to €5.4m), generated by the development of maintenance and after sales service operations.

Sales in Europe fell 44% (from € 9.1m to €5.1m), since no production machines were delivered in that region. Sales in North America rose sharply by 97% (from €3.7m to €7.3m), with the sale of three production machines (compared to one in 2005). Sales in Asia rose 55% (from €4.9m to €7.6m), due to the sale of two production machines there (compared to none in 2005).

Riber’s sales backlog was €7.2m (down 43% on €12.5m a year ago), comprising five research machines and the machine of the high-k dielectric Riber/IMEC oxide research program, which will be leased for three years (contributing to sale revenues).

Riber’s main goal for 2007 is to improve profitability, leading it to favor certain transactions over others, the firm says. It expects 2007 sales to be lower than 2006, it adds.