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31 January 2007


Veeco’s MOCVD technology supports Spectrolab’s record-breaking solar cell

Veeco Instruments Inc of Woodbury, USA has revealed that Boeing-Spectrolab Inc’s recent demonstration of a photovoltaic cell that converts a record-breaking 40.7% of the sun's energy into electricity was achieved using Veeco's TurboDisc As/P MOCVD system.

“Veeco congratulates Spectrolab on its record efficiency. We look forward to teaming with Spectrolab for continued solar cell efficiency improvements,” commented Piero Sferlazzo, VP, GM of Veeco's MOCVD Operations.

Designed for high-volume production of compound semiconductor materials, Veeco says its TurboDisc As/P tools are ideal for devices such as solar cells, red, orange and yellow HB-LEDs, laser diodes, pHEMTs and HBTs. The system’s integrated RealTemp 200 technology provides direct wafer temperature control and fast gas switching for strict control of interface abruptness, the company adds.

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