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17 July 2007


EVG to distribute SemiProbe’s wafer probing systems

Wafer-bonding and lithography equipment supplier EV Group (EVG) of St Florian, Austria has signed a global agreement to distribute the manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic probing systems of SemiProbe LLC of Colchester, VT, USA in combination with EVG’s process equipment.

EVG’s policy is to offer complementary partner products, providing a single source for wafer processing needs. In March, for example, the firm signed a global agreement to distribute the ZIII-NIR Wafer Inspection System of McBain Instruments of Chatsworth, CA, USA.

SemiProbe’s probing family allows EVG to have a test tool to probe all bonded wafers either post-bond (SemiProbe standalone prober) or pre- and post-bond (integrated in EVG systems). “This approach allows 24/7 production with minimum intervention," says EVG product manager Thomas Wagenleitner.

SemiProbe probe systems suit applications from the lab to high-volume production. Users have the option of purchasing a standalone probe system or a turn-key, application-specific probing/testing solution. Several new solutions range from engineering probe systems to ‘known good die’ systems to small-footprint and high-throughput production systems. SemiProbe also offers the world’s first ‘Probe System For Life’ (PSL) family of probers (which provide users a perpetual upgrade path from manual to automatic, giving capital equipment savings by allowing purchase of what is needed and affordable now while allowing field upgrade later as needs change).

“Partnering with EVG is an opportunity to expand SemiProbe into new global markets

that involve integrated process and test solutions,” says SemiProbe’s CEO Denis Place . The firm’s probe systems are supplementary to EVG b onding and alignment process systems, he adds.

EVG and Brewer Science introduce ultra-thin wafer handling solution with new high-temperature and high-vacuum capabilities

As a result of a multiyear collaborative partnership, at this week’s SEMICON West 2007 trade show EVG and Brewer Science Inc of Rolla, MO, USA are introducing a system with temporary wafer bonding technology that provides new capabilities and yield performance for processing ultra-thin wafers (e.g. in 3D packaging applications), it is claimed.

The solution consists of Brewer Science’s new WaferBOND HT temporary wafer bond series of materials and EVG’s proven EVG850TB/DB bonding and debonding equipment platforms, and the development of a method for safely and reliably processing sub-100 micron thinned wafers.

The technology performs temporary bonding of original thickness device wafers onto rigid carrier wafers. Application of the WaferBOND HT materials via a spin-coating, baking and subsequent bonding process is performed on an EVG850TB system. The resultant wafer-stack maintains optimum yield and manufacturing performance through thinning and subsequent backside processing steps.

The new WaferBOND HT materials enable the use of the EVG850TB/DB system with previously unattainable high-temperature processing steps as well as high-vacuum compatibility, it is claimed.

The two firms say that they have also extended their collaboration to increase the process latitude for future material sets.

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