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30 July 2007


JM launches hydrogen purifiers targeted at high-volume compound semiconductor and silicon fabs

Johnson Matthey (JM) of West Chester, PA, USA has launched a range of six hydrogen purifiers, designed to meet the demand for higher hydrogen flow rates required for mass-production in the latest LED and silicon fabs.

According to JM, its new PureGuard PSH Series purifiers allow fabs to use the company’s more compact purifiers for higher flows, even where the inlet gas quality is from a low quality, compressed source with purity as low as 99.9%.

PSH Series models incorporate JM’s patented palladium membrane technology, and are capable of hydrogen flow rates from 10 Nm3/hr to 60 Nm3/hr. The purifiers also incorporate JM’s patented V-purge technology, which the company says ensures quick start-up and rapid removal of hydrogen during power failure.

“This new series of hydrogen purifiers reaffirms our commitment to support the ongoing growth of the global semiconductor industry.” said Stuart Bestrom, national sales manager of JM’s Gas Purification Technology group.

The new hydrogen purifiers purify gases to <1 ppb (O2, H2O, CO, CO2, N2 and THC), and offer a catalytic pre-purifier to protect against oxygen impurity spikes. Furthermore, the purifiers feature a compact single-cabinet design for installation in Class I, Division II environments. They are PLC-controlled, have a color touch screen HMI interface, and provide continuous monitoring of purged electrical bays.

PSH Series options include: an automatic or manual hydrogen by-pass line, automatic bleed flow control, RS 485 Network communications and battery-backed controls (UPS).

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