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2 July 2007


QPC introduces BrightLase seed laser

Quintessence Photonics Corporation (QPC) Lasers Inc of Sylmar, CA, USA introduced its new BrightLase seed laser at last week’s Solid State and Diode Laser Technology Review held in Los Angeles.

Seed lasers are the engines for amplified laser systems used in applications such as defense (long range atmospheric sensing, missile defense and range finding), industrial drilling and marking.

Based on QPC's BrightLase single-mode laser technology, which recently achieved single-frequency powers exceeding 3 Watts at conversion efficiencies greater than 50%, the new product provides diffraction limited, single frequency output. It is available in both C-mounted and single-mode-fiber coupled packages with power up to 1.5 Watts CW at the industrial standard wavelength of 1064 nm and up to 1 Watt CW at the eye-safe wavelength of 1550 nm. Furthermore, higher peak powers can be achieved under pulsed excitation conditions, says QPC.

Jeffrey Ungar, president and CEO of QPC, said: "QPC's BrightLase seed laser provides high power with excellent 'diffraction limited' beam quality directly from a compact semiconductor laser package. These power and brightness levels have been previously available only from bulky and expensive solid state or fiber lasers. Our seed laser dramatically simplifies laser systems for high growth markets such as industrial, defense and communication systems, both at traditional 1064 nm wavelengths as well as at eye-safe wavelengths."

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