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1 March 2007


Avago launches 3W power LED for solid-state lighting

Avago Technologies of San Jose, CA, USA has launched the ASMT-MW20 power LED high-power (3W) InGaN-based white surface mount (SMT) LED, which can be driven at a high current of 700mA to deliver up to 160lm of light output.

The high drive current capabilities and brightness of the low-profile LED suits solid-state lighting applications that require a high-output light source where space is limited. Typical applications include portable torch lights and miner’s headlights, billboard and sign backlighting, decorative accent lighting, architectural facade lighting, street lights, reading and track lights, and lighting for machine vision equipment.

“LEDs are increasingly being used for a wide variety of solid-state lighting applications due to the high-brightness, long-life, energy efficiency and space savings they provide designers,” says Ng Kee Yean, business development manager for solid-state lighting. “As a result, more lighting manufacturers need robust LED packages that are reliable and capable of emitting high light output to provide the level of brightness they require for their applications,” Yean adds.

With an exposed pad design at the back of the package, the ASMT-MW20 incorporates InGaN technology to offer low thermal resistance, which allows it to efficiently transfer heat from the package to the motherboard, maintaining long-term device reliability.

Also, the ASMT-MW20 can easily be soldered using conventional surface mount technology (SMT) reflow soldering, minimizing production costs.