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22 March 2007


Cree ships brighter, lighting-class warm-white XLamp LEDs

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA is now shipping production volumes of its warm-white XLamp LEDs that have lighting-class efficiency and brightness (up by more than 20% to 124 lumens) due to being qualified to run at up to 700mA (unlike most warm-white power LEDs). The enhanced brightness and correlated color temperature of 3000K are comparable to the incandescent lightbulbs preferred for indoor home lighting applications, says Cree .

The new warm-white XLamp LEDs are available in both the XLamp XR-E and XR-C power LED families and are now sorted ( binned) by both light output and color point , according to the proposed ANSI standard. This allows manufacturers to select LEDs the same way they select bulbs.

The availability of high-performance LEDs across a full range of color temperatures can allow lighting manufacturers to build cost-effective LED fixtures for many indoor home and office applications, says Cree, helping to meet the need for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly lighting.

Picture: The full white color temperature range for XLamp LEDs, from cool (top) to warm (bottom).

“The LED industry has struggled to boost the brightness and efficiency of warm-white LEDs, which have historically offered significantly lower performance than cool-white LEDs,” says Norbert Hiller, Cree Lighting general manager and VP. Also, color point stability has traditionally proved difficult in producing warm-white LEDs, but Cree says that the new LEDs have minimal shift in correlated color temperature . “The new XLamp warm-white LEDs hold a stable color point [over their 50,000-hour life-time] and offer lighting designers and architects the first lighting-class warm-white LED light source for general illumination applications,” he claims.