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27 March 2007


Optical chip and module manufacturers target 40 Gbit/s solution with Multi-Source Agreement

At OFC/NFOEC 2007, taking place in Anaheim, CA, USA this week, six optical chip and module manufacturers formed a Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) relating to compatible sources of optical transmitter and receiver devices for use in 40 Gbit/s optical transceiver modules.

Group members Eudyna Devices Inc, Mitsubishi Electric Corp, NEC Electronics Corp, Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd, Opnext Inc, and Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd, formed the MSA to address such issues as:

  • An increase in projected demand
  • Specification of common mechanical dimensions
  • Footprint
  • Specification of Common pin assignment and functions
  • Specification of common interface with common PCB design of 40 Gbit/s optical transceiver modules
  • Specification of common electrical and optical characteristics
  • Performance of the optical transmitter and receiver devices; key compact optical components used in 40 Gbit/s optical transceiver modules.

The agreement defines the external-modulation laser transmitter devices and the PIN Photodiode - Trans-impedance amplifier (PIN-TIA) receiver devices that comply with 40 Gbit/s interface standard of OC-768. The MSA targets transmission modules for up to 2km applications.

“This agreement will help support the emergence of the 40 Gbit/s compact module market, providing advanced solutions to high capacity network and storage systems,” said the MSA Committee. “In the long term, all members will consolidate their current models into MSA compliant products in order to achieve consistent customer delivery and market growth.”

The MSA committee aims to release the specifications for pigtail type optical devices within 2007 and to finalize TOSA/ROSA specifications in step in accordance with the future standardization of pluggable optical transceivers.

MSA Technical Contacts

Eudyna Devices Inc
Hajime Shoji

Mitsubishi Electric Corp
Hitoshi Watanabe

NEC Electronics Corp
Hiroshi Nakano

Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd
Yasunari Mizuguchi

Opnext Inc
Masanobu Okayasu

Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd
Yutaka Matsumura