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22 May 2007


Anadigics launches Linear EDGE PA module for 2.75G and 3G phones, PDAs, and wireless PC cards

Anadigics Inc of Warren, NJ, USA has introduced the AWT6172 quad-band GPRS/EDGE power amplifier module designed for the Linear EDGE architecture adopted by several base-band chipset suppliers for 2.75G and 3G cell phones, PDAs, and wireless PC cards that use the global GSM/EDGE cellular standard.

Anadigics has also announced products for the Polar EDGE architecture adopted by top-tier 3G chipset suppliers. But with the introduction of the AWT6172 Linear EDGE power amplifier, Anadigics extends its reach beyond Polar EDGE and WEDGE markets, says Dr Ali Khatibzadeh, senior VP and general manager of Wireless Products. “It will also enable us to participate in the other segment of the 3G market served by chipset suppliers using the linear EDGE architecture,” he adds. The EDGE (Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution ) standard has been adopted by most GSM operators either in combination with UMTS WCMDA (3G) or as a stand-alone upgrade (2.75G) to the GSM/GRPS (2.5G) system, and there are two predominant hardware architectures adopted by base-band chipset suppliers serving the EDGE market: Polar and Linear.

Fabricated using InGaP-Plus HBT technology, the AWT6172 has a small 6mm x 6mm x 1.1mm package, is EGPRS (enhanced general packet radio service) capable (class 12), and supports operation in the GSM850, GSM900, DCS, and PCS bands. It delivers efficiencies of up to 55% in GMSK mode for longer talk-time, with a linearity of 64dBc adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) at 28.5dBm output power level. Saturated output power in GMSK mode is rated at +35dBm in the GSM850/900 bands and +33dBm in the DCS/PCS bands, with efficiencies of 55% and 50%, respectively, for the two bands. Comparable numbers for EDGE linear power are +28.5dBm and +27.5dBm for GSM850/900 and DCS bands, respectively.