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14 May 2007


Laser 2000 to distribute Intense’s lasers in Europe

In an extension of a previous contract between Laser 2000 and its US subsidiary Intense-HPD, laser manufacturer Intense Ltd of Glasgow, Scotland, UK has signed an agreement for Laser 2000, a European supplier of lasers, optics and fiber-optic equipment, to distribute Intense's high-power laser diodes across a number of market segments, including print and imaging, defense, display, and medical devices. Countries covered include the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and Italy. “This represents a significant opportunity for Intense to expand its customer base,” says the firm’s CEO Scott Christie.

“Intense’s patented innovations in quantum well intermixing (QWI) and asymmetric waveguides (AW) generate exceptional laser power, brightness, and reliability, providing Laser 2000 with a significant market advantage,” says Laser 2000’s CEO Manfred Augustin.

The new distribution agreement expands Laser 2000’s portfolio to include both Intense-HPD’s high-reliability, high-performance components and modules, as well as Intense’s recently launched high-power arrays, bars, and stacks. Designed for the defense, medical, and display markets, Intense-HPD’s high-power laser diodes span from 630nm to 1550nm. Included are the Series 1200 and Series 1300 visible components; Series 5200 and Series 5300 visible modules; Series 2100 and Series 2400 short-pulse components; and Series 1000, Series 1100, and Series 3000 infrared components.

Laser 2000 will also distribute Hermes, Intense’s high-power 8xx and 9xx nm laser bars and stacks designed for the defense, industrial, and coding and marking markets. In addition, it will carry the INSlam and DLAM individually addressable laser arrays, created specifically for demanding print and imaging applications.

*Intense launches integrated laser driver system for medical research and display applications

At last week’s Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and the Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference (CLEO/QELS 2007) in Baltimore, MD, USA, Intense launched the HPD7404 Laser Driver System, which is designed for current control and temperature compensation of its high-power free-space or fibered visible laser components and which, unlike traditional laser drivers, is a complete, integrated system. Included are the current driver, temperaturecontroller, and a choice of high-power red laser diodes: 630, 635 or 655nm, up to 700mW, as well as 670 or 690nm, up to 1W. The HPD7404 is designed for use in medical research and display applications, such as photodynamic therapy and red-green-blue (RGB) displays.

The compact, portable system integrates a high-power laser and thermoelectric cooler drivers. “Choosing drivers and controllers for laser diodes can be challenging,” says CEO Scott Christie. “The Intense-HPD family of laser driver systems is designed to enable use of diode lasers in a wider variety of applications.”