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9 May 2007


Osram Opto expanding with new LED chip fab in Malaysia

German lighting manufacturer Osram of Munich, Germany says that its subsidiary Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH (the world’s second biggest LED maker) will significantly expand production capacity at its assembly plant in Penang, Malaysia by building its second chp fabrication plant (in addition to its existing wafer fab at its headquarters in Regensburg, Germany). The new fab will begin operation in 2008, in anticipation of demand for volume lighting and consumer applications. Total investment in the Penang fab will ultimately be “in the high double figures of millions of euros”, the firm says.

Osram is also starting to expand the existing LED assembly facilities in Penang. When completed, capacity will be 50% higher.

Meanwhile, an existing further construction phase to expand the Regensburg plant (an investment in the “fairly high double figures of millions of euros”) will be completed by the end of 2007. Regensburg will continue to manufacture LED wafers for lighting, display and sensor applications. In addition to production, Regensburg also accommodates Osram Opto’s central R&D department.

“Opto-semiconductor products are central to our growth strategy,” says Osram’s CEO Martin Goetzeler. “LEDs are the light sources of the future as they offer so many benefits, including compact dimensions and enormous potential for energy savings. The expansion of our production capacity in Penang and Regensburg is a clear sign that we are on course for sustained growth.”

Osram Opto Semiconductors’ CEO Ruediger Müller adds: “The expansion of our production sites is our response to increased demand for LEDs throughout the world”.

*Osram exhibits range of warm white LEDs for residential, commercial and decorative lighting

With demand for warm white LEDs for general lighting at an all-time high, says Osram Opto Semiconductors, at this week’s Lightfair International 2007 event in New York the firm is exhibiting its portfolio of new warm white colors, ranging from high-flux sources such as the Golden DRAGON and OSTAR products to more subtle devices such as the Power TOPLED and Advanced Power TOPLED. All devices feature increased color stability, long life and low energy consumption.

“No matter which general lighting application, residential, commercial or decorative, Osram Opto Semiconductors offers a full range of LEDs in warm white colors,” says Ellen Sizemore, director LED/IR marketing for Osram Opto Semiconductors Inc of San Jose, CA, USA. Due to its broad warm white product portfolio, lighting can be customized to each application for brilliant or subtle effects, she adds.

Osram offers LEDs in different output classes for general lighting applications:

  • Osram’s most powerful LED product, OSTAR, provides warm white light for downlights (e.g. reading lamps). Consisting of six ThinGaN chips (with the option of a matching lens), its small 20mm x 20mm hex-shaped footprint provides luminous flux of 410lm at 2700K, 460lm at 3000K and 520lm at 4200K color temperatures from an operating current of 700mA with a power input of 15W ( a performance similar to halogen lamps).
  • Power TOPLEDs are low-power devices, producing 2.9lm at 2700/3000 K, 3.6lm at 3500K and 4.1lm at 4200K, consuming less energy at an operating current of 30 mA and costing less . Measuring just 3.4mm x 3.4mm, they f it in the smallest luminaries. This suits decorative lighting, e.g. starlight canopies as well as contour, effect and stair-tread lighting. High efficiency requires less thermal management than more powerful LED packages.
  • For emerging general lighting applications (with a luminous intensity and size between those of the Ostar and Power TopLED) , the Advanced Power TOPLED’s performance is 50% brighter than previous versions. At 140mA, its output of 15lm in white provides efficient lighting in a small package, suiting replacement of existing designs using early generations of Power LEDs. The Golden DRAGON produces bright white light from a small 350mA emitter with an output of 50lm. Both products have long lifetimes of up to 50,000 hours due to their heat dissipation capabilities and silicone encapsulation.