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21 May 2007


Opel shows concept car with all-LED exterior lighting

At the recent Geneva Motor Show, Opel (which is General Motors’ brand in Europe) unveiled its GTC Gran Turismo Coupé sports concept car, which uses high-power LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors of Regensburg, Germany for all the interior and exterior lighting.

Two OSTAR LEDs are used in each headlight for the dipped beam, with three further OSTAR LEDs in each headlight providing the high beam. Each fog light incorporates one OSTAR. Parking and daylight running lights are provided by Golden Dragon LEDs.

The four dashboard instruments are lit by red TOPLEDs.

*Daytime running lamps based on LEDs have been in production for three years, since first appearing on a high-end Audi model, but in January the Japanese luxury car maker Lexus said that it was introducing the first series production vehicle (the LS 600h L sedan ) to feature LED-based headlamps (in the low beam).

Picture (above right): Close-up view of the Opel GTC Gran Turismo Coupé sports concept car's headlight section, incorporating OSTAR LEDs.

Picture (above): Opel's GTC Gran Turismo Coupé sports concept car uses OSRAM's high-power LEDs for all its interior and exterior lighting.

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