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13 November 2007


SiCED expands to 10 x 100mm reactor for SiC power electronics

Aixtron AG of Aachen, Germany says that the Siemens/ Infineon joint venture SiCED Electronics Development GmbH of Erlangen, Germany is extending its SiC epitaxy capabilities after choosing its latest-generation Planetary Reactor platform, an AIX 2800G4 HT system for 10 x 100mm and future 6 x 150mm SiC wafers.

“SiC material production technology for electronic power devices has reached a maturity level over the past decade that we are now in the position to prepare for the future,” comments SiCED’s managing director Dr Peter Friedrichs. “With the AIX 2800G4 Planetary Reactor for SiC we will benefit from a significant increase in wafer capacity for the available 100mm technology, and we will be prepared for future diameter enlargements due to the multiple 150 mm capability built on Aixtron’s expertise in high-throughput epitaxial production equipment,” he adds.

“In the past six years of employing Aixtron Hot-Wall Planetary Reactor technology at SiCED we have been impressed by the reproducibility of production results from more than 1000 processed 3-inch SiC wafers per year with a wafer yield reaching 99% for commercial high-power Schottky diode products,” Friedrichs says. “The new production platform will further drive down the costs of epitaxy required for SiC power devices.”

“Planetary Reactor technology has been proven to deliver state-of-the-art SiC epitaxial layer quality with exceptional high wafer yield of 99% for today’s Schottky diode volume production at SiCED,” says Dr Frank Wischmeyer, managing director of Aixtron subsidiary Epigress AB. Implementing the newest-generation Planetary Reactor technology will enable the next step in volume production of SiC power devices at SiCED in 2008, he adds. “The system is capable of handling 10 x 100mm and 6 x 150mm SiC wafers, which represents a 100% increase in processed wafer area per run compared to today’s 6 x 100mm VP2400HW platform. It is the largest and highest-throughput SiC epitaxy system in the market place,” Wischmeyer claims.

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