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27 November 2007


QinetiQ orders Aixtron MOCVD system

UK-based defence and security technology company QinetiQ has ordered a Close Coupled Showerhead (CCS) 6x2" Flip Top configuration MOCVD system from Aixtron AG of Aachen, Germany.

QinetiQ will install the system at its Micro and Nano Technology laboratories in Malvern, where it will be used for the development of gallium nitride (GaN), initially in support of a UK department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) sponsored program to develop low cost LEDs for solid state lighting.

Apart from optoelectronic applications, such as LEDs and laser diodes, GaN epitaxial materials show increasing potential for use in microelectronic power devices. Next-generation telecoms and radar systems are planned which will exploit the high-frequency and high-performance potential of GaN.

QinetiQ’s Dr Trevor Martin, who will supervise the system, said: “We have had a long and successful relationship with the Aixtron group, and this new larger scale reactor is the best tool for our new development plans for nitride-based devices. It will also serve us well for small-scale prototype runs of epiwafers for our international customers."

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