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12 November 2007


BluGlass announces reactor sale, uniform large-area plasma generation, and Technical Advisory Committee

BluGlass Ltd of Sydney, Australia (which was spun off from Macquarie University, New South Wales in mid-2005) says it has taken three critical steps in the commercialization of its GaN-on-glass blue LED technology, setting it on track to demonstrate commercial production in 2008.

A specialist team from BluGlass and the Space Plasma, Power and Propulsion Group (SP3) of The Australian National University in Canberra (ANU) has successfully tested a key component of the firm’s next-generation, prototype production-scale remote plasma CVD (RPCVD) equipment, involving the use of a new plasma source design that demonstrated uniform large-area plasma generation.

Second, Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada has entered a provisional agreement to purchase BluGlass’ first research-scale reactor. The deal will involve ongoing collaboration for research and development of new LED and related technologies.

Third, BluGlass has formed a Technical Advisory Committee of eminent scientists and technologists to help advance commercialization of its LED production process and to access complementary technologies. The four-member committee will provide independent advice to the firm’s board.

The latest developments follow September’s award of a second Federal Government grant, this time for AUS$5m ($4.3m), to progress the technology. The first payment from the latest grant has already been made, says the firm.

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