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7 November 2007


CyOptics acquires Inplane Photonic for silica-on-silicon PLCs

Indium phosphide-based optical chip and component maker CyOptics Inc of Lehigh Valley, PA, USA has acquired Inplane Photonics of South Plainfield, NJ, USA, which was founded in 2001 and designs and manufactures planar lightwave circuits (PLCs) for optical networks in both commercial and defense markets, including telecoms, LAN/WAN networks, avionics and shipboard systems.

Inplane’s silica-on-silicon PLC technology enables the integration of optical circuits for data transmission, distribution, detection and conditioning on multi-function silicon chips. This allows the miniaturization of components for optical communication networks in markets from telecoms to bio-photonics and test & measurement.

Inplane manufactures the most highly integrated ‘system on a chip’ solutions based on Silica on Silicon technology available. Inplane has a turnkey manufacturing capability, including a 5000 square foot PLC wafer processing facility (based largely on established materials, processes and equipment used by the silicon industry).

The acquisition expands CyOptics’ photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology platforms through the combination of monolithic with its hybrid integration of InP laser and detector arrays onto PLCs. This should dramatically reduce the number of individual components required, says CyOptics, increasing the functionality and lowering the cost of the overall solution.

“The addition of Inplane’s complementary PLC technology will bring new capabilities to CyOptics’ PICs and will allow us to enhance the integration features of our products,” says CyOptics’ CEO Ed Coringrato. “We will also leverage the PLC technology to further expand Inplane’s and CyOptics’ many existing engagements with the defense industry.” For example, in 2005 Lockheed Martin selected Inplane as a subcontractor on its Highly Integrated Photonics contract with the US Air Force, where the military contractor is developing fiber-optic network technology for tactical combat aircraft.

“The team at Inplane has developed an impressive portfolio of PLC building blocks,” says Inplane Photonics’ CEO Michael Cyrus. “With the addition of the silica-on-silicon PLC technology, CyOptics is well positioned to address the future growth markets in telecommunications and defense.”

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