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12 November 2007


Modulight launches TO-can high-power red lasers

Modulight Inc of Tampere, Finland has added to its ChiliLase family of high-power red (635-690nm) laser diodes (launched in sealed, fiber-pigtailed packages at June’s LASER 2007 event in Munich, Germany) with three single-emitter lasers packaged in rugged 9-mm TO-cans (SOT-148) with a choice of optics (from flat-windows to ball lenses).

The low divergence of the output laser beam as well as the narrow emitter design (50 µ m and 100 µ m) suit either beam collimation or fiber coupling. Also, the improved slope efficiency (~0.95 W/A) suits equipment with severe power consumption limitations.

The new ML1468 (635nm, 200mW), ML1504 (635nm, 500mW) and ML1469 (690nm, 350mW) lasers are designed for applications requiring high optical power from a small emitter area and a compact package ready for system integration. The proven ChiliLase design allows an up to 10-fold increase in the delivered optical power at 635nm compared to typical devices currently on the market, it is claimed. Applications directly benefiting include: laser pointers for dusty and underwater environments, the entertainment industry, distance measurement, laser illumination, and medical applications such as the treatment of acne and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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