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29 November 2007


Entrepix to market Rudolph AutoEL Series ellipsometers

Rudolph Technologies of Flanders, NJ, USA has granted Entrepix Inc of Tempe, AZ, USA an exclusive global license (excluding Japan) to manufacture, sell, service and support its AutoEL series of thin-film ellipsometers (the first microprocessor-based automated ellipsometer), labeled ‘Rudolph Technologies AutoEL—provided and supported by Entrepix’. The transfer of assets and inventory will be completed in fourth-quarter 2007.

Rudolph, which design, development, manufacture and support of process control metrology, defect inspection and data analysis systems, says that thousands of AutoEL tools have been placed in universities, research labs and production lines since the system was commercialized in 1977, with many still in use. “AutoEL technology was the foundation of our overwhelming success in thin-film metrology,” says Rudolph’s chairman and CEO Paul McLaughlin.

Entrepix provides chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process outsourcing and equipment services, including refurbishment of CMP, post-CMP cleaning and thin-film metrology equipment.

“The AutoEL is a perfect complement to our existing CMP and metrology equipment business,” says Entrepix’s CEO Tim Tobin. “We have the infrastructure in place to continue development and refinement plus expand support of the tool to meet our customers’ needs well into the future.”

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