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2 October 2007


Tokuyama starts up Aixtron reactor for UV LED development

Aixtron AG of Aachen, Germany says that Tokyo-based Tokuyama Corp (which manufactures chemical products including ultrapure polysilicon) has started up an Aixtron 200/4 RF-S epitaxy reactor for the development of AlGaN-based ultraviolet (UV) LEDs at its R&D center in Tsukuba, Japan.

UV-LEDs present significant process challenges, but the AIX 200/4 RF-S can provide high-quality GaN and AlGaN layers due to its process stability and 1400°C capability, claims Aixtron. The system had been evaluated and qualified for this application by Tokuyama in collaboration with professor Aoyagi of Tokyo Institute of Technology. The installation of another Aixtron reactor should accelerate Tokuyama’s development of UV LED materials and devices.

*Tokuyama also has the world’s largest plant for manufacturing aluminum nitride powders (e.g. for AlN ceramic substrates). In February, Tokuyama and Tokyo-based metal processing firm Dowa Metaltech Co Ltd established the 65:35 joint venture Tokuyama-Dowa Power Material Co Ltd (TD Power) in Yamaguchi, Japan (the site of Tokuyama’s factory). With about 45 staff, the new firm will manufacture and sell not only metal-bonded ceramic substrates but also ‘new products based on AlN substrates’. AlN’s high thermal conductivity can be exploited for high-temperature components such as power LEDs and laser diodes for DVD recorders and fiber optics.

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