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30 October 2007


Alcatel-Lucent extends supply agreement with Avanex as it sells stake to Pirelli

Optical communications component and module maker Avanex Corp of Fremont, CA, USA says that Alcatel-Lucent of Paris, France has extended its supply agreement for an additional three years and that Pirelli Group of Milan, Italy has purchased Alcatel-Lucent’s 12.4% stake in Avanex. Within the framework of the transaction, Pirelli has also signed a supply agreement with Alcatel-Lucent for related components.

“Pirelli has a demonstrated history of advanced technology development, with many capabilities that are complementary to Avanex, and we look forward to future collaborations with both Pirelli and Alcatel-Lucent for innovative photonic solutions,” says Avanex’s chairman, president and CEO Jo Major.

“The investment in Avanex and the Pirelli supply agreement with Alcatel-Lucent strengthen the group’s presence in the core business of second-generation photonics,” says Claudio De Conto, Pirelli’s general manager of operations. This follows the start-up, in 2001, of the Pirelli Labs advanced research center and the incorporation in early 2005 of Pirelli Broadband Solutions, “built on a long history of experience in the field,” adds De Conto.

“We view the long-standing partnership with Alcatel-Lucent as both a testament to our past efforts to support them and our team’s demonstrated ability to bring new technologies and products to market,” says Major.

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