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11 October 2007


Cree launches 8A rectifier to boost efficiency in server farms

Cree Inc of Durham, NC, USA has launched a new 8 Amp silicon carbide (SiC) Zero Recovery Schottky diode rectifier that can significantly increase power-supply efficiency in computer servers, the firm claims. The CSD08060 rectifier expands Cree’s SiC Zero Recovery product line, which includes 600V diodes with 1A, 2A, 4A, 6A, 10A, and 20A ratings.

Compared with traditional silicon-based diodes, Cree claims that its SiC-based rectifiers can: simplify power factor correction (PFC) boost design; eliminate the need for snubbers; reduce power losses, leading to cooler operating temperatures; produce significantly less electromagnetic interference (EMI); offer faster switching speeds without reverse recovery currents; enable streamlined circuit design, resulting in smaller board size and component counts; and allow higher-power-density designs for compact power supplies for high-performance applications.

Cree reckons that such devices can help to solve a significant global energy problem — the increasing power demands from large server farms. “Our new Schottky diode can significantly improve the efficiency of the power factor correction circuits used in switch-mode power supplies,” says John Palmour, executive VP of advanced devices. “By replacing silicon-based rectifiers with the new 8 Amp SiC Zero Recovery rectifier, power supply manufacturers can cut power losses by at least 10% in a typical 1kW server power supply,” he adds.

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