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13 September 2007


Bookham’s tunable transmitter assembly reaches full Telcordia qualification

Optical component, module and subsystem maker Bookham Inc of San Jose, CA, USA says that its LambdaFLEX 10Gb/s tunable transmitter assembly (TTA) has reached full Telcordia qualification and is being shipped in volume to customers worldwide.

Together with the firm’s tunable small form-factor transponder (TSFF), at next week’s ECOC 2007 event in Berlin, Germany the TTA will be given a live demonstration (the first of its kind in Europe) showing the ability of Bookham’s tunable InP Mach-Zehnder (MZ) technology to operate with extremely fast wavelength tuning over the full C-band in a noise-loaded environment (replicating the conditions under which the products perform in long-haul networks).

“Bookham is driving the development of tunable technology, with hundreds of our TTAs being shipped to global tier 1 customers,” said Jon White, product line manager for the InP MZ and tunable portfolio. “The market is demanding tunable products of the highest standard: products that can perform in live networks, not just in the lab. With full Telcordia qualification, the TTA meets the stringent demands that all our telecoms products adhere to.”

The TTA integrates Bookham’s LambdaFLEX tunable compact MZ onto a module platform which is the size of an iTLA (integrated tunable laser assembly) - a footprint significantly smaller than that offered by the combination of a continuous wave laser and external modulator. The TL7000NCD TTA is a negative-chirped C-band part, designed for uncompensated 80km links, which enables economic full-band tunable deployments in regional metro applications, Bookham claims. The TTA features an industry-standard iTLA interface and command set.

In addition, Bookham’s TL9000 TSFF 300-pin transponder combines the tunable compact MZ with an APD (avalanche photodiode) receiver to create what the firm claims is the world's first MSA-compliant TSFF transponder in a 76mm x 56mm x 11.4mm package. While previous SFF small form-factor transponders focussed on intermediate-reach point-to-point links, the TL9000 expands this capability with a zero-chirp option for multi-span long-haul applications where low-OSNR (optical signal-to-noise ratio) conditions are common, as well as a standard negative-chirp option for regional and metro applications.

Bookham says that, unlike competing technologies, its LambdaFLEX tunable laser portfolio is built on a single indium phosphide optical chip laser platform with no moving parts.

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