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20 September 2007


Micromem engages GCS as foundry for MEMS

Micromem Technologies Inc of Toronto, Canada has engaged pure-play GaAs wafer foundry Global Communication Semiconductors Inc (GCS) of Torrance, CA, USA for the next stage in the development of its magnetic random access memory (MRAM) devices.

Micromem’s main MRAM technology was developed following an exclusive worldwide commercial license issued by the University of Toronto. Development work was undertaken in accordance with research collaboration agreements between Micromem, the University of Toronto, Dr Harry Ruda and OCE Inc, a not-for-profit corporation supported through the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade’s (MEDT) Ontario Centres of Excellence program.

GCS’ president and CEO Jerry Curtis says that GCS will be taking Micromem’s technology from the laboratory and moving it towards commercial manufacturing and ultimately production.

The foundry will design and build a commercial MRAM device using Micromem’s patented technology. The two firms will work closely with ‘specific potential partners’, using those partners’ specifications to design a commercial product that can be brought to market. Micromem expects to start fabrication by the end of this year.

Micromem says that its first target market is expected to be RFID products.

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