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14 September 2007


OIDA launches Silicon Photonics Alliance, led by Luxtera

In conjunction with its forum ‘Perspectives on the Optoelectronics Industry: Advances, Challenges and Growth Opportunities’ in San Jose, CA, USA this week, the Washington DC-based Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA) has launched the Silicon Photonics Alliance - its first formal Community of Interest (COI).

The group is be headed initially by Tom Palkert, system architect with fabless silicon photonics firm Luxtera Inc of Carlsbad, CA, USA. Luxtera was spun out of the California Institute of Technology in 2001, and last month it announced its first commercial product, the Blazar (the world’s first CMOS photonics product, and the first 40 Gigabit Optical Active cable). Other companies that have already joined the alliance include Corning, Kotura, Molex, and US Conec.

“Our primary objectives will be to educate the industry about the benefits that silicon photonics brings versus traditional optical solutions,” says Palkert. Aims include finding opportunities to participate in forums and working to identify key applications areas. “We will work together to promote silicon photonics in the standards bodies [to assure interoperability among vendors], and accelerate commercial products.”

“The establishment of the Silicon Photonics Alliance is a notable development for the optics industry,” says Ashok Krishnamoorthy, distinguished engineer and director for SUN Microsystems. “This OIDA Community of Interest brings together multiple suppliers to create an ecosystem for the industry. I expect that their efforts will accelerate customer adoption of this technology,” he adds.

“We have grown to unprecedented levels with an extremely diverse membership, and we are excited to be working with Luxtera and the other members to introduce this Community of Interest,” says OIDA’s VP of business development & marketing David Huff. “We anticipate that this new alliance will help further promote and increase the market adoption of silicon photonics technology.”

Companies interested in joining the alliance should contact David Iams at

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